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Exorcist is a 3D dark fantasy-themed shooter game featuring fast gameplay and stylish 3D graphics. The player has to take control of a lone heroine fighting with the help of magic and ranged weapons to cleanse the world from evil creatures and corruption. The journey begins in the damned city and continues through 5 locations in order for heroine to reach her final goal - to face and defeat the main boss.

The player has four equipment slots: one for ranged weapons, one for items and two for magic. All magic, bullets and items are consumable. Enemies approach in waves (each subsequent wave is stronger than previous) and drop money upon their death which can be used to buy updrades and items. While proceeding through the locations the player is leveling up and granted for more powerful abilities.

The game supposed to have free to play monetization.

Main features:

  • Fast and challenging gameplay
  • Convinient point-and-click controls
  • Nice HD 3D graphics and rock music for soundtracky
  • Cool graphics
  • Special attacks and consumables (magic and potions)
  • Variety of equipment (armor and ranged weapons)
  • Leveling up system and upgrades for equipment and abilities
  • 100+ waves of enemies on 5 different locations
  • The main boss awaits the player at the last location
  • Online achievements via Open Feint
available on
Android market

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